Podcast Episode 8 – How to Include Gratitude in Your Daily Life

Raising your energy and feeling good is THE way to create and live a life you love. One of the easiest ways to increase your energy – from lower vibration feelings to higher vibration feelings is by practicing gratitude and appreciation.

In this episode Sharla shares how she’s incorporated gratitude in her daily life, and also how changing our perspective about negative situations can still help us be grateful and raise our energy.

Thank you for listening!

Show Notes:

Bryan Adams – Christmas Time 

2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 8 – How to Include Gratitude in Your Daily Life”

  1. Hi Sharla! I’m glad to hear your voice. I loved all of your messages….. very inspirational!! From my whole family we are very thankful to you for all your help and for everything you did for us. Congrats and good luck to your new endeavour!!! Be safe! God bless!

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