One-On-One Business Coaching

This coaching is for women who:

  • want to finally start their business and earning extra income, maybe even make it their full-time gig
  • want to start doing the work they’ve been dreaming of doing; work that lights them up!
  • ready to leave their 9-5
  • want to start truly living for you instead of what you’ve been told you ‘should be’, ‘should do’ or ‘should have’

We will get clear on:

  • your offers
  • your messaging & getting visible
  • mindset and overcoming the limiting beliefs to your success
  • learn how to manifest and create what you want in any area of your life

Release the pressure.

Have fun and easily achieve all you want!

You’ll be respected. You’ll feel heard and validated. That who you are and what you want is okay. There’s nothing to apologize for.

You will feel more confident in who you are and your business. You’ll finally know what the hell you need to do to actually make this work!

You will learn to adopt a new way to do business. An easier, stress-free way.

What you’ll receive:

  • 3 calls per month (1 hour each)
  • Monday – Friday Voxer Support (ask your questions and get feedback throughout the week in between calls)
  • Access to content from Start & Grow Your Business Group Coaching Program
  • TheSMTS certification programs at 50% off


$500 per month for a contract of 6 months
$400 per month for a contract of 1 year