I’m an entrepreneur, author, educator and eternal optimist passionate about helping people get more joy and fulfillment in their lives by creating and living a life they love.

​I was born and raised in a small town on a small island on the east coast of Canada.

I don’t know why but I’ve always had big dreams. I’ve conquered some of them, like visiting Paris, France and sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower in complete awe for a whole afternoon.

And now my dream is to build a business by doing what I love -serving people like you from around the world to create and live a life they love.

A life of health, joy and abundance.

A life in which they are truly fulfilled and happy. 

I grew up being the “goody two-shoes” who would never disappoint anyone or get in trouble. I was a people-pleaser. I did well in school and followed the age-old advice of “get an education, get a good job with a pension”. I was led to believe that if I did that I would be happy – I would be set for life.

A few years after getting the education and a good professional career I started wondering if that was it. Is this boring routine and living pay check to pay check going to be my life forever?!

I started wondering if there were other options.

​I wanted more out of life – more than any 40 hour/week job could ever give me.

I wanted freedom and flexibility. I wanted to be able to do more of what I wanted when I wanted. Having a workplace that dictated my hours and work days was getting to me.

I took risks in some business ventures, and I spent A LOT of money on courses and programs trying to find my way out of a reality I no longer wanted.

I knew there had to be another way. A better way.

As I searched for another way to live I learned A LOT. So much! I couldn’t believe I had never heard of it or learned it before. It should be common knowledge, but unfortunately its not.

Everything I learned and practiced helped me shift my life to where I am now. From single, broke, unfulfilled and hopeless to being in a super happy and loving relationship, no money stress, fulfilled and full of hope and joy!

I have never been so happy and fulfilled with this inner knowing that I am on the right path.

​​My passion is inspiring and motivating people to create and live a life they love – just like I did and continue to do.

It pains me to see people live a life where they are less than happy.

We all deserve to live in health, joy and abundance. And we can!

That includes you too.

​Follow me – I’ll help guide the way!

Let’s do this!


Some Fun Facts About Me!

I’m a foodie & LOVE chocolate too

Love to dance

Grew up listening to country music

Kind of a neat freak! Okkkayyy… let’s remove the “kind of”. I’m a neat freak.

I can’t properly pronounce -ing.