I'm Sharla

I’m an entrepreneur, coach, educator, author and eternal optimist passionate about helping people get more joy and fulfillment by creating and living a life they love.

You've decided you want something in your life to change?

I help people be happier, and to do and have what they want.
My mission is to help you Connect with who you really are, what it is that you really want and to Create the Life You Love!

Love & Relationships

You dream of finding the right match for you and living happily ever after.

Work & Career

You thought you picked the career you'd be happy in, and it's fine, but you feel you want a change.

Joy & Happiness

Be more of who you are, doing what you love!

The first steps to easily getting what you want in life and making your dreams reality, you must become calm and connected.

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What People Are Saying

"... I loved Sharla's guiding style - felt like an old friend gently sharing her experiences & nudging us to move forward. Highly recommend [it]."
- Anonymous
Workshop Participant
"Your smile and your presence were inviting to me right away. Your positive energy and your inner wisdom put others at ease in your presence. It has been an honor to have met you and to work along side you."
Rhonda Gallant
Co-contributing author, Deep Water Pearls: A Memoir
"Sharla - I really enjoyed the session. Felt relaxed with you. You're really good at this."
- Anonymous
Worskshop Participant

Coming soon!

I’m excited to present this podcast to you – all things on how to CREATE & LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE!

Relationships, work, career, joy, happiness, health, wealth and abundance.

Qualified In:

Meditation Teaching  /  Holistic Human Development  /  Holistic Counselling  /  Chair Yoga Instruction

Motivational Interviewing /  Nutrition