Podcast Episode 49 – Using Awareness to Create Change In Your Life

Change can only happen when: 1) you know you want something to change and 2) you are ready to make changes.

You may already know exactly what you want to change in your life. Or maybe you don’t quite know what you want but you know that you don’t want what you currently have. 

The more you become aware of what you don’t like and what you do like, the more meaningful your changes will be.  

Become more aware of your feelings, thoughts and body sensations that come to you when presented with different situations. This will give you answers so that you can start making meaningful change in your life to create a life you love!

I also talk about victim mentality and the stages of change in this episode including the fact that no one can force anyone to change unless they are ready and willing!



Show Notes:

Blissfully You – Retreat in May 2022

Creekside RnR

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