Podcast Episode 5 – Share with Sharla: Kathleen Hamilton

Actor, director, poet, screenwriter, playwright, memoirist,  and memoir writing coach, Kathleen Hamilton shares with Sharla her story and the importance of accepting the truth of who you are.

Enjoy a short reading from “Deep Water Pearls“, a discussion about how the patriarchy continues to keep women silent, and the fear and resistance that comes up when we do start owning and living our truth. 

Your life matters. Your story matters.

Acknowledge and accept your deeper truth. It’s your first step to healing and living a life that’s true to you.




To learn more about Kathleen and her writing programs visit: https://www.kathleenhamiltonmemoir.com/

 “Deep Water Pearls” is available at most large retail book stores.

4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 5 – Share with Sharla: Kathleen Hamilton”

  1. Marjolaine Richard

    Such a great podcast ❤️ Kathleen is very inspiring and you did a great job interviewing her.

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