Podcast Episode 18- Share with Sharla: Alex Cormier – From Feelings of Not Belonging to Finding his True Path in Life

Just like many teenagers, Alex Cormier, had feelings of not belonging which led him to suppress those feelings with drugs and alcohol, but he knew it wasn’t a life he wanted to live forever. 

From an early age he knew there was more to life. Through a couple of moves and chance events he met some positive influences which helped him change the way he saw life and what could be.

By following his excitement and inner knowing he’s now doing what he loves! 

In this conversation Alex shares his journey to what he’s doing today as well as:

  • how to increase your inner knowing 
  • how to stop self-sabotage 
  • how to shift energy to feel better.



To get in touch with Alex: cormiercoaching.coachlab.io

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