Podcast Episode 4 – How to Really Get What You Want

In this episode we dive deeper into manifestation and learn what it really takes to get what you want! Shifting your energy! Don’t worry – it’s not complicated, but it’s a must for easy manifesting. Download the free gratitude journal here to start shifting and raising your energy vibration now!

Podcast Episode 3 – What is Manifestation Anyway?

In this episode we dive into what manifestation actually means! We go further than the 4 step process that was introduced in Episode 2, and talk about taking action, releasing control, and how our thoughts and beliefs determine the outcomes in our lives. You’ll also hear me sing a bit too 😉  Que sera sera!

On Patience & Purpose

When we want to change something in our life or to create something new we want it now. It’s human nature!I wrote this post to encourage patience with developing our purpose.  Read it.